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The Sanctuary

Designer’s Brant McFarlain "The Sanctuary" shout-out to Uriel’s Master Woodwork’s custom wall and vanity at the exuberant Kips Bay Decorator Show House in Dallas, Texas

When Dallas designer Brant McFarlain learned he would be redesigning the home’s primary bathroom, he saw it fit the typical bathroom layout with everything at the perimeter of the room and wanted to approach the design in a more interesting way. The designer also wanted to play up the home’s Georgian roots and to create a space that felt more like a remodel in a European home that’s been reworked for hundreds of years and is now full of patina. This combination led to the creation of a truly lovely retreat for the owners.

“We wanted this space to feel like it once was something else, and I wanted to approach it from an architectural standpoint,” says McFarlain. “From a showcase perspective, we approached it as a hallway with a partition in the middle so there would be a separation of spaces with separate entrances to the shower and two water closets. Behind the central vanity is a galley that houses a little makeup niche.”

He says his vision couldn’t have been completed without the help of Uriel’s Master Woodworks to create this partition wall and vanity space at the center of it all. The room is full of historic and modern contrasts from the plaster ceiling with gold leafing and the old-world-inspired brass light fixtures to the modern vanity by Kohler in a black nickel finish and striking black and white Stone Boutique marble on the countertop and in the shower. The shower also features a steel and glass cage that feels sleek and contemporary.

“Spaces feel better if they look collected over time, and we didn’t have a lot of time, but we could at least make it look like we did,” says McFarlain. “I want people to feel wowed and enjoy the slightly more European and historical elements while still feeling like the room is very modern and would still be luxurious today.”

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