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Creating Custom, Modern and Contemporary Cabinets

Uriel’s’ Custom Cabinets in Dallas, Texas has a strong reputation in building custom, classy and high-end cabinets. We are your "go to" master woodworkers for your next commercial, industrial or residential custom cabinet project.


Specializing in cabinets with a modern and contemporary design, Uriel's Custom Cabinet artisans adhere to strict design practices in order to provide you with the highest standards in bathroom and kitchen design. We urge clients to select products that meet green building standards and source locally when possible.

At Uriel's Custom Cabinets in Dallas, Texas, you can rest easy as we work hard to please even the most discerning and demanding clients.

The Art of Creating Custom Cabinets

Uriel’s Custom Cabinets in Dallas, Texas utilizes amazing tools and precise woodworking machinery to craft, cut and fabricate the necessary pieces to create your custom cabinets.


Precise slots are cut into heavy-gauge wood and strong pins or dowels are used to bind and cement them together. After the pieces are perfectly fitted, they are then bonded and fastened together making them extremely resilient and strong.

Durable, zero edge banding is used for commercial, industrial or residential applications and finishes are available in wood veneer, textured, matte, high gloss, and others. 

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