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Creating the Finest Commercial and Residential Furnishings

Uriel’s’ Designer Furniture in Dallas, Texas offers thoughtfully designed, handmade, solid hardwood furniture complete with high end professional finishing services tailored to your own personal needs. We can take your one-of-a-kind idea and create a masterpiece for your home.


At Uriel’s’ Designer Furniture in Dallas, Texas, we also specialize in repairing fine finishes and can repair family heirlooms or fine vintage furniture. Our Master Woodworking Craftsmen are dedicated to bringing your high-end furniture pieces  back to life.

Please call or email us today if you have any furniture related questions and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. 

The Art of Creating Fine Furniture

Uriel's Designer Furniture uses the latest techniques, and has top woodworking masters with the best tools in one of the nicest woodworking shops in the area to create high-end, fine furniture.


It's all about precise routers, excellent paint booth capabilities and top-of-the-line bandsaws to start. Investing in the right tools to do a premeir job is a key attribute to Uriel's Designer Furniture's success, all the way down to the professional work benches being used


"We are serious about providing top quality products," says Mr. Villegas. "So we don't mind paying for top quality tools to produce artwork-like pieces."  

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