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The Art of Refinishing

The piano finish is an important aspect of the instrument that compliments the beautiful tones it produces. These wonderful instruments are constructed of a variety of fine woods. Most are made of cherry, mahogany, walnut, and oak but higher-end pianos may utilize exotic woods like Kewazinga Bubinga, Santos Rosewood, East Indian Rosewood, Macassar Ebon, Figured Sapele and African Pommelé rosewood.

Just like the wood itself piano finishes also vary. Satin finishes come in variations including matte and open-pore finishes. High-gloss and semi-gloss finishes are also very popular. Most piano finishes are either done with lacquer or polyester. Hand-rubbed satin lacquer is very elegant and piano refinishing experts specializing in hand-rubbed satin lacquer are highly sought after.

A master of the hand-rubbed lacquer finish, Uriel has trained all of his master technicians in the art of producing a high-quality, rich satin luster that compliments the pianos exquisite details. The finished product is a hand polished masterpiece that is breathtaking and well worth the extra effort.

The Action and Tuning


The action and strings are other critical components to the piano. These items are hand-chosen by Uriel himself to fit each individual piano we rebuild. Hand-wound bass strings are typically used due to their complete range of bass tones.

High-quality bridges, bridge caps and bridge pins are used to help keep the piano in tune while given it a lasting and terrific sound. Tuning and calibration is performed by some of the best technicians in the industry.

That Beautiful Sound

The main component inside a piano is its harp, and great care and detail is always exercised when working with this portion of these magnificent instruments. Another vital aspect of the piano is the soundboard. Our master technicians use only the best white spruce soundboards that produce supreme tones and amazing high-quality sound.

The Know-How

Having thorough knowledge of the intricate mechanics of every instrument has allowed us to bring many fine instruments back to life, and sounding better than ever. The use of only the best master technicians, top-grade components and excellent materials makes our rebuilt pianos better than the rest.

Perfect Sound and Excellent Playability

Uriel’s Piano Refinishing has magnificently rebuilt, restored and refinished hundreds of world-class pianos. We continuously strive to gain more knowledge, by incessantly researching, studying and developing new techniques, utilizing specialized equipment, and working with only the finest materials to improve on the superb craftsmanship and playability of each and every piano that comes leaves our shop.

Getting it Right!

For over two decades master craftsman and piano restoration specialists at Uriel’s Piano Refinishing have amazed piano owners and dealers with their superior workmanship, attention to detail and professional customer service. Much like great artists restore fine art, refinishing and restoring the world’s finest pianos to "like new" condition is also considered an art-form. The fine carpenters and expert wood-workers at Uriel’s Piano Refinishing view all pianos that enter their facility as if it were their own valuable instrument or heirloom and revel in the painstaking challenge to bring them back to life.

The piano restoration masters at Uriel’s Piano Refinishing are always ready to answer any questions about your piano. We offer in-home estimates to customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our skilled and qualified technicians will come to your home, evaluate the damage and will provide you with an estimate of cost for the restoration.

Specializing in the Art of Restoring and Refinishing the Finest Pianos

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