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Our Core Values

At Uriel’s Master Woodworks we hold our core values in high regard as they form the foundation on which we perform our work. They are the basic ethics of how we conduct ourselves and are adhered to every day and in everything we do. 

In an ever-changing world, our core values remain constant and are utilized to accomplish our corporate mission.


“Inspiring lives with amazing service and elite products”.

Committed to Quality 

Unwavering Integrity

Excellent Customer Service



Committed to Quality


The Elite woodworking artisans at Uriel’s Master Woodworks are committed to quality. These world-renowned craftsmen have been in the woodworking industry for many generations.


Uriel’s Master Woodworkers create and refinish luxurious, detailed, high-end refinished pianos, designer furniture and custom cabinets. They are highly trained, and highly skilled artists that are passionate about their profession and always deliver only the finest products. 


Unwavering Integrity


Our moral compass is set to one of the most important aspects of being successful, and that is “integrity.” Keeping our word is essential to Uriel’s Master Woodworks’ development. We build trust with our vendors and clients through being transparent, honest and respectful.


We are accountable for our behaviors and take ownership of every single project that comes through our doors. We honor our commitments, our employees and our clients as we strive for perfection in all business avenues. At Uriel’s Master Woodworks our motto is… “We always do the right thing because it is the right thing to do!”


Excellent Customer Service


We take complete responsibility for our behavior towards each employee, and by extension, to every customer. At Uriel’s Master Woodworks our employees are given the necessary tools, and are constantly trained, to resolve challenges. When challenges do arise, we take note, apply solutions, and learn from these life lessons. Our employees strive to provide peace of mind to our customers throughout the entire process.


We do this by keeping our employees happy. A happy employee makes for a happy customer because customers see them as a reflection of our company, and not a standalone individual.


When we have happy employees that are trained in resolving challenges the end result is typically… happy customers.

Designer Furniture and Custom Cabinets

Custom Finishes • European Styles • Wet Look • Traditional Styles

Uriel’s Master Woodworks in Dallas, Texas, is dedicated to designing, creating, and manufacturing elegant, hand-made, one-of-a-kind, artistic wood pieces at a superior level of professionalism and craftsmanship.

The artisans at Uriel’s Master Woodworks combine centuries of woodworking skills with modern technology to produce perfectly restored or create new fine furniture and elegant cabinetry. Whether you need to restore a family heirloom or have specific ideas on creating a beautiful piece of furniture, or need to create a mesmerizing coffee table, we can help make your concepts come to fruition.

From restoring old Victorian chairs to producing elegant and stylish custom cabinets, we pledge to provide you with the best woodworking in the North Texas area.

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